Out on a Wednesday!

Last Wednesday we were invited by our coordinator Eirik to go check out his band Kameleon Orkesteret at this local bar called Biblioteket Bar. We, at least Anita & I, had never seen Eirik play the piano so evidently we were wondering what his band would sound like, even though we had met other members of the band. Finally, full of expectations and tons of curiosity we went there at 8:15pm. I must admit I was 15 minutes late but still, when I arrived and heard the music playing, I rushed into a room full of soft lights on and some cozy sofas. Yeah, that’s right, a perfect place to sit down, drink a beer or even a hot cup of tea and listen to some live music.


Under a huge chandelier were the 5 guys we were expecting to see. They started singing this “oldie” songs but somehow they managed to change them from their original versions and give a “jazzy” ring to them. I’ll just tell you that it was a groovy experience and I genuinely loved listening to Are’s & Alf’s amazing voices, Eirik enjoying himself so much playing the piano as well as having fun rapping, which I must say never thought I would see him doing.

 bilde (1)

In the end, it was a great evening that Anita, Mikkel & I enjoyed very much. Can’t wait to go back for some more of their music!