Who are we?

We, the divers, are two Colombians and two Norwegians seeking to look under the surface of what diversity means and its implications to peace education. We are also seeking to improve the organizations relations between the two countries.

This is the third exchange project, funded by Fredskorpset (FK). We will be working on the theme of Diversity; the one on 2012 managed a better understanding of Sustainable Development and the one that ended this summer focused their attention in Human Rights. Hopefully next year a new cooperation project will start working on the CISV’s fourth content area: Conflict-Resolution.

During these eight months, we want to develop useful tools by doing research, workshops, interviews and arranging local activities.

We would like for everyone to participate and get involved in this exchange and in the activities we will be facilitating. At the end of this eight months, we hope to be able to publish a book as a result of our cultural experiences and research.

Group photo fløyen