Peace One Day!!

On September 21st we went to Oslo to participate at NEO, running a couple of activities and getting to know leaders and Jc’s from all over Norway. We were there for the whole weekend and on Saturday we went to Oslo city centre to build a stand for Peace One Day with the two EVSers working for CISV Norway in Oslo.


The six of us had quite an experience while giving away flyers and explaining to people what Peace One Day is all about.  We also put up some walls with the question: Who will you make peace with? And people would just come and write, which at the end of the day left us very colorful walls.


Yet, that saturday morning before going to Oslo City centre, the EVSers showed a video at the NEO campsite to explain what this day was all about and then we did the same activity: we put up some walls for them to write on and we left. When we got back to the campsite we were excited to see that many of the participants, leaders and staff members had also written on our walls. Basically, it was a very nice day to make peace with the world.


In the end we were very happy for being able to participate at Peace One Day and being able to transmit the importance of this day to people in CISV and people outside CISV.

If you want to learn more about Peace One Day just click the link. You can also check out the CISV in Support of Peace One Day page in facebook and see what other CISVers around the world did this year.

Last but not least, here is the link to a video made for CISV from Jeremy Gilley, founder of POD! ENJOY!

Peace One Day – CISV