What is beauty?

Beauty has a lot to do with diversity, or at least I think so. The truth is, being different is one of the good things about life because it means that we can change, we can become someone new every time we want it. We can look different, change the colour of our hair, paint our nails in different ways, dress in different styles. But, what does it mean to be beautiful?

The idea of beauty has changed so much in the last hundred year, for instance what used to be a beautiful woman in the 20’s or the 50’s is not a beautiful woman in 2013. I would say that the main reason for this is media. The truth is that media shows us and, through propaganda and advertising, makes us want to fit into a mould build by our own society -and it has been that way because we have allowed it to be; which has made it harder for a lot of women and girls to find some peace of mind and learn to love themselves.

3086675410_65a48a77cd_oGeorge Grantham Bain Collection. New York beauties at Atlantic City carnival, 1922. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/mijori/3086675410/].

5163782525_2539e4b953_oNational Photo Company Collection. Four prize winners in an annual beauty show, Washington Bathing Beach – Washington, D.C., circa 1922 [http://www.flickr.com/photos/hollywoodplace/5163782525/].

In all honesty I can say that our brains have been modified by everything around us: our friends, family, media… Basically, today’s society but we don’t have to put ourselves through that much pressure. The message I want to share with you today is, like in the video I will add here, let’s rethink beauty, let’s redefine it, let’s show others that there are many ways of showing what beautiful really means. We don’t have to be all barbies, that’s the real message media should send. We don’t need to look all the same, under the same mould with the same characteristics, we can be different and still beautiful in our own way, and that’s the beauty of diversity.

Clic on the image below and you will see a video that is part of a big campaign DOVE is doing for redefining beauty, for making all women believe that they are beautiful the way they are, all different one from another. They want woman and girls to be able to show something they call: Real Beauty.

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