Leaders training in Bogotá

We started the day in a horrible way… We had to meet at 7.30am on a saturday (!) to be able to catch the bus to the campsite. Since I’m here in Colombia, I’m trying to adapt as much as possible and that means arriving in Colombian time; 15 minutes late.. The campsite was next to a small town outside Bogotá and it was an amazing place with beautiful nature, great facilities, delicious food and very sunny(that made me sunburned…)!


During the weekend we had a lot of different trainings. What we loved about these trainings was that the staff had made activities and games out of very theoretical topics. To illustrate, put us in situations, to plan and have a lot of fun!


We had a lot of different experiences in this camp. Some were new, but brought experience from other organizations og sports and some had been to several camps. This was a really good training with a lot of new perspectives 🙂