The vikings in the land of coffee!

Last week we had one of the most extraordinary and welcomed visitors we have ever had from Norway since we landed in Colombia. The Norwegian CISV President (Ine Annett Jomaas), the National Secretary (Andreas Underland Mjelva), and our Norwegian Coordinator (Eirik Breivik Minde) came to make a nice evaluation of our project… Not to mention that they missed having the divers around.

They were here for a couple of days, evaluating the project but also having fun with us and doing different activities as well as tasting the authentic Colombian food (they might miss it by now). During those days many CISVers joined us, some of them were our Colombian coordinator (Juan Manuel Oviedo), CISV Colombia’s Vice-president (Rodrigo Esguerra), the two colombians of the Con Lupa project (Adelaida Barrera and Diana Camacho),  CISV International’s vice-president (Juan Carlos Lozano) and CISV Colombia’s National Secretary (Marcela Izquierdo). It was a space where we could see the strong link that characterizes the relationship between Norway and Colombia, as well as how intense and enriching these exchange projects are. Like we all said: it’s getting stronger than ever.


Sitting on the table we had the opportunity to talk about this organisation, its future, and we were wondering how CISV has achieved to create a huge impact throughout these years and how we can continue improving globally and locally. We all agreed that this project and its cooperation are unique, and we want for all of you to know about it, not only as future participants but as members of the CISV community. Additionally we, as a team, are really aware of this and the responsibility we have had trying to meet the organisational goals; still this has been quite a learning experience for us as individuals and as a team (not only us but our coordinators and our working team) both within the organisation and in our lives. We realised that this project is a process were we not only learn but share many things, and most importantly: we live, we dream, we believe in something, and this is why we are here trying to make this project better every time, knowing that peace is possible.


The week went by in a second, but we were happy to have had the chance of bringing the vikings to enjoy some warm wether before going back to the cold north, and to make them bring out the child inside them at the water park. They had fun, we had fun.

Melgar-6 Melgar-5 Melgar-4

We really want to take this opportunity to thank the vikings. Their visit was a reminder of how they, along with our Colombian side of the team, have been there for us since the very beginning and now more than ever, they have given us more strength and more reasons to keep doing what we do. We are genuinely happy to be a part of this project and especially to be a part of this team of extraordinary people!