Medellín, baby!

Two weeks ago Ranis and I went to the beautiful city of Medellín. It was my first time there, and I had heard so many good things about this city. We spent the the friday walking around and explore some of the city. It is true what they say about beautiful girls over there.. You fall in love in every corner.. But the purpose of this trip was the mini-camp of CISV Medellín.

We went to the meeting point at 9.30 am on saturday. At the meeting point we saw 87 participants and a bunch of leaders! The kids was full of energy while they ran around excited for the minicamp. After the leaders managed to put the kids into the busses and we were all set for departure, we drove to the campsite. They actually managed to leave one of the leaders at the meeting point, so he run after us and caught up with the bus after 15 minutes.

The plan for the first half of this day was some get-to-know-each other activities aka. name games. While the group had fun with names, Ranis and I backed out for a bit for some work with our book. When we came back they had prepared a game where you first are going to eat an apple in a bowl of water and then you are going to find a candy inside a pile of flour decorated with an egg (see pictures). This made some of the kids look like they had put on way too much make up, in a funny way.

In the evening it was time for dinner, and an activity ran by the NJRs, Paula and Valentina. It was a nice evening with lullabies and pajama time. Most of the leaders went straight to bed after the leaders meeting, since it was a long and an active day.

9am – breakfast time! 9 AM!!! So nice to have a bit more relaxed time schedule, then what I’m used to in camps.. This day we just had 1 activity, and it was actually scheduled to be swimming/chilling/tanning time after lunch. After the mandatory cleaning time, we went back to the center of Medellín with smiles on our faces and happiness inside.

I would say, the best part of this camp, was the great food! WOOOOW! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack… everything was delicious. Its my first time with so much good food 🙂 Well done Medellín! On sunday evening, we went to have dinner with some of the leaders. I think it is very important to hang out with new people when you have the chance, and I don’t regret! Thank you for an amazing time Medellín. See you soon 😉