Last week I came across this campaign that Save the Children is making in order to create awareness about children’s situation around the world. One of the main focuses right now are the children suffering in Syria and well, even though it is true that Syria is facing some difficult times right now, the slogan is not very far from the truth –not only there but in many places today: “just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening”.

I would guess most of the northern countries don’t have to deal with these issues today but, countries like mine for instance, face similar situations although a bit less evident for the rest of the world. In Colombia –not to mention many other Latin American countries- we can see how children are being thrown out of their homes and sent to the main cities to wonder on the streets, sleep under bridges or under the rain; dealing with diseases and infections, and asking for money to anyone who is willing to give them. But then again, the problem is not whether we want to help them or not, of course we want to help them! But it is not that simple, because in reality we don’t know if their stories are true or not, maybe because we’ve heard the same story a million times –probably because it has happened a million times- or maybe because we have a hard time believing this is actually happening to our people, or simply because (and this for me may be, unfortunately, the correct answer) we are so used to the internal conflict our country has been through, that we are not touched by these people and we simply got used to them, becoming more indifferent towards our own reality.

This is a little something of a deeper article we will have on our book. For now, let me invite you to acknowledge your reality, be aware of what is happening in your community, your city, and your country. Try not to be indifferent towards others and try to understand the stories that hide behind their eyes… And always remember: just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Have a great week everyone!