You might think that diversity is all about identity and multiculturalism, but diversity is so much more. Diversity can be seen in everything in your daily life, like the way you perceive yourself, the way you dress, how you feel, the way you behave with different groups of people, the  different social environments, and the nature around you. Diversity cover so many topics, and today, I will tell you a bit about biodiversity.

Biodiversity is a short word of biological diversity. A short description would be to say that biodiversity is the variety of life. To give you some examples of this, ecosystem, humans, animals, insects, plants, basically each living and non-living organism. Each one of these plays a vital role in the circle of life. They interact together and can for example create food, oxygen or shelter. The importance of those thing to us, as humans, is critical. Without food, we’ll starve to death, without oxygen, we’ll not be able to breathe, and without shelter, we’ll freeze to death in the cold parts of this planet.

The interesting thing with biodiversity is wherever you travel, you will probably see different ecosystems, plants and animals. If you stay in your own country and going up in the mountain or in the forest you will see difference. And if you go abroad, to another continent, you will see completely different species. This is because the different species of plants or animals have developed certain characteristics throughout the years to the current climate. That is why you won’t fin a certain cactuses in the rainforest or a lion in the mountains of Norway.

Therefore, the biological diversity is quite important to make the circle of life spin around, and the issue we have seen developed through the last years, is the climate change. The climate change might raise the temperature with a couple of degrees and make the weather more extreme. It is hard to prove and to know what will happen, but somethings will certainly change. Some of the vulnerable species might not be able to adapt to the changes, parts of coral reefs will die and if the average temperature on planet earth raises with just 2 degrees, it will melt a lot of ice on the north and the south pole, and then cause the water levels to rise significantly. This will again cause a flooding of many cities all over the world. What will then happen? I don’t even want to imagine.

This is my short casual text about my point of view of biodiversity and its importance. I added some links inside the text, and feel free to take a look at them.

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