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CISV Norway and CISV Colombia will, in the period of August 2013 – May 2014 have an exchange project for  four youth between 21 and 27,5 years old. It will be two participants from Norway and two from Colombia. Members and non-members interested in the project can apply.

Youth Identity Quest is the third version of a  long-term cooperation plan between CISV Colombia and Norway  (see the “Con Lupa” project (second version) and  ‘I have a mango’ project (first version)), in a joint effort to strengthen both organizations through an exchange of knowledge and best practices, while at the same time having an impact beyond our volunteers; on the communities in which we live.

Youuth Identity Quest – YIQ –  is a ten-month exchange project funded by the FK Norway. It is executed by two Colombian and two Norwegian volunteers, who will be living in Norway (August-December 2013), and Colombia (January-May 2014).

You can find useful facts about the project here

The project will focus on two main issues:

1. CISV International has designated 2014 as the thematic year for Diversity, one of the organization’s four content areas. Therefore, this project will revolve around this content area in order to strengthen the knowledge about and the quality of peace education in CISV International’s activities.

2. There is a need of chapter development in both CISV Colombia and CISV Norway. This project seeks to strengthen both organizations, through sharing of knowledge and best practices.

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